Massachusetts State Flower – Mayflower

What Is The Official State Flower Of Massachusetts? The Mayflower, also known under its scientific name Epigaea repens, is Massachusett’s state flower. The Mayflower was designated as the state flower in 1918. [featured] In this article, we’ll delve into its fascinating characteristics, share the history, meaning, and symbolism of the Mayflower, the state flower of …

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Louisiana State Flower – Magnolia

What Is The Official State Flower Of Louisiana? The Magnolia, also known under its scientific name Magnoliaceae, is Louisiana state flower. The name “magnolia” holds a special significance in the medical world of botany, as it pays homage to an esteemed French botanist named Pierre Magnol.  As gifts, magnolias symbolize beauty, honor, stamina, innocence, longevity, …

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Kansas State Flower – Sunflower

What Is The Official State Flower Of Kansas? The Sunflower, also known under its scientific name Helianthus, is Kansas state flower. They derive their name from the Greek words for “sun” and “flower.” The sunflower symbolizes warmth, happiness, nourishment, and devotion due to its resemblance to the sun and its properties as a food source. …

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Kentucky State Flower – Goldenrod

What Is The Official State Flower Of Kentucky? The Goldenrod, also known under its scientific name Solidago gigantea, is Kentucky’s state flower. This name is derived from Latin words that mean “to make whole.” It perfectly captures the essence and significance of this beautiful flower. They symbolize positivity, encouragement, good luck, and prosperity. With its …

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Indiana State Flower – Peony

What Is The State Flower Of Indiana? The Peony, also known under its scientific name Paeonia lactiflora, is the Indiana state flower. Peonies have lots of hidden symbolism and meaning, such as romance, elegance, honor, wealth, abundance and compassion. Indiana’s state flower, the peony blossom, is a true testament to nature’s artistry in the Hoosier state. …

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