What Is The State Flower Of Alaska?

The official state flower of Alaska is the Forget-Me-Not flower. The Forget-Me-Not is native to alpine environments, making it representative of Alaska’s place as the northernmost point in the United States.

Whether it graces a meadow or adorns a garden, the Forget-Me-Not stands as a testament to the profound allure and significance found within Alaska’s rich flora and native alpine plants.

As Alaska’s emblematic bloom, this tiny blue flower symbolizes loyalty and everlasting love.


And we love it because it reminds us of spring. Light-blue and purple blossoms make for a beautiful bouquet!

In this article, we’ll share the history, meaning, and symbolism of the Forget-Me-Not flower. 

The History of the Forget-Me-Not

In 1949, Alaska officially adopted the Forget-Me-Not as its state flower due to its powerful symbolism during times of conflict. The decision was not taken lightly; it was an acknowledgment of the sacrifices made by countless individuals who fought for their country’s freedom.

But let’s go back a little bit further: The name “Forget-Me-Not” has quite a story behind it. Legend has it that a knight died trying to pick these flowers for his beloved. This tragic tale from Germany gives the flower its poignant name.

Another tale in Alaskan folklore tells a story of two lovers walking along a riverbank when they come across fields filled with vibrant blue flowers – Forget-Me-Nots.

The man decides to gather some for his partner but is swept away by the river’s powerful current. As he is carried downstream, he tosses the flowers to his lover, calling out, “Forget me not!” This poignant story further reinforces the flower’s symbolism of eternal love and remembrance.

Historically, the Forget-Me-Not was a favorite of King Henry IV of Britain. He loved them so much that he made them the emblem of his court in the late 14th century. By the 1800s, they had become a popular choice in British gardens.

Its scientific name, Myosotis, translates from Greek to “mouse’s ear”. This curious name was inspired by the plant’s oval and furry leaves that look like mouse ears. Interestingly, this hints at how easy it is to overlook the plant’s tiny petals, leading to its memorable English name.


Symbolism of Forget-Me-Nots

The delicate Forget-Me-Not flower is not just a treat for the eyes but also carries deep symbolism.

They have long been associated with remembering departed loved ones, loyalty, faithfulness, and hope. In Victorian times, they stood for true love and devotion. Today, the meanings of Forget-Me-Nots vary by color:

  • Blue stands for faithfulness, growth, healing, and communication.
  • Pink symbolizes femininity, joy, optimism, playfulness, and delicateness.
  • Purple represents success, wealth, and power.
  • White conveys innocence, peace, strength, purity, and guidance.

Around the world, these flowers hold unique significance. They’re also symbolic for Newfoundland, Armenia, International Missing Children’s Day, and the Alzheimer’s Society.

Whether you live in Alaska or just traveling through the rugged terrain, next time you see a delicate cluster of blue Forget-Me-Nots in Alaska, take a moment to appreciate their beauty and reflect on the profound symbolism they hold. These small flowers carry with them a rich history of love, purity, and remembrance – qualities that define both Alaska and its people.

Characteristics and Habitat of Alaska’s Forget-Me-Not Flower

Don’t be fooled by their fragile look; they’re sturdy plants. But a word of caution: they can spread quickly and become invasive if not checked. Yet, this doesn’t take away from their charm.

The forget-me-nots, Alaska’s beloved state flower, are small perennial flowers that typically reach a height of about 12 inches. These delicate blossoms possess a unique charm that captivates all who lay eyes on them. With their vibrant blue color and intricate structure, they stand out amidst the Alaskan landscape.

We appreciate you taking the time to read this article on Alaska’s state flower!

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