The World Of Peonies: Meaning, Symbolism, and Peony Bouquets

Peonies are stunning perennials known for their peach-colored blooms, and have held a special place in the hearts of florists and garden enthusiasts for centuries.

They are more than just a pretty face.

They embody the essence of romance and have become a beloved choice for weddings worldwide. But their significance in the world of gardens and floral arrangements doesn’t end there.


In Chinese culture, the peony bouquet bloom holds deep-rooted symbolism. They represent wealth, good fortune, and beauty, making them highly sought after during peony season. The allure of these flower is undeniable; their petals unfurling like whispers of opulence, especially in shades of peach.

In this article, we’ll share the origins and history of peony flowers and how they make perfect gift bouquets.

Peony Flower Meaning & Symbolism

The peony flower symbolizes happiness, romance, bashfulness, happy marriage, honor, prosperity, good fortune, and wealth.
These meanings make peonies a popular choice in wedding bouquets and gifts for significant occasions like graduations and engagements.

Peony Flower Meaning by Color

White Peonies: Symbolize shame, shyness, and apology. They are often used to convey purity and innocence.
Red Peonies: Represent passion and love, making them a wonderful alternative to red roses.
Yellow Peonies: Symbolize new beginnings and fresh starts, perfect for housewarming gifts or celebrating new jobs.
Pink Peonies: The most common color, symbolizing both romantic and non-romantic love, friendship, and happiness.

Peony Flower History & Insights

Peonies are native to parts of Europe, North America, and Asia, dating back to at least 1000BC in China.
They were historically grown for use in traditional medicine, treating conditions like convulsions, swelling, and pain.

Peonies in Chinese Culture

In Chinese culture, peonies have been an important symbol for hundreds of years.
Known as the “king or queen of the flowers,” they are used in feng shui to attract love and romance.

Origin of the Name “Peony”

The name “Peony” has Greek origins, with legends involving the physician of the Greek gods, Paeon, and the nymph Paeonia.


Popular Peony Varieties for Peony Bouquets

1. Sarah Bernhardt: Iconic double peony with pale pink petals.
2. Coral Charm: Prized for its remarkable color-changing petals.
3. Bartzella: Hybrid with beautiful yellow petals and scarlet centers.
4. Duchesse De Nemours: Double, ruffled white and cream-colored petals.
5. Bowl of Beauty: Fragrant, deep pink petals with contrasting cream or yellow at its heart.

pink and white peonies with scissors

Peony Care: Tips for Long-lasting Blooms

To ensure long-lasting peony bouquet blooms, place the flowers in a bunch in clean water as soon as you receive them. This will provide the necessary hydration to keep the bunch fresh and vibrant.

Trimming the stems at an angle before placing them in a vase is crucial for promoting better water absorption and helping the peonies bloom. By allowing the peonies to take in more water, they stay hydrated and extend their lifespan.

In addition to proper hydration, it’s important to protect your peony bouquet, including la rose, from direct sunlight and drafts. These factors can cause wilting and shorten the lifespan of your blooms, including la rose. Find a cool spot away from windows or vents to keep your peonies, including la rose, looking their best.

Remember these key points:

  • Place peonies in clean water immediately upon receiving them.
  • Trim the stems of pink peonies at an angle for better water absorption.
  • Keep your bouquet away from direct sunlight and drafts.

By following these simple care tips, you can enjoy the beauty of your peony bouquet and the fragrance of the flowers for longer periods, adding a touch of elegance and fragrance to any space.


Why Choose Peonies

Peonies are an excellent choice of bloom for many different types of occasions. With their embrace of the beauty of peony bouquets, they bring forth a collection that is sure to captivate and delight.

To make the most of your peony flowers bouquet, it is crucial to follow proper care guidelines for peonies. By following these tips, you can extend the lifespan of your peonies and enjoy their beauty for longer periods.

So why wait? Explore the exquisite range of peony bouquets at Simply The Best Flowers today and add a touch of elegance to any event or gift-giving moment.


How long do peonies typically last in a bouquet?

Peonies can last anywhere from five to seven days in a bouquet if properly cared for. By following our tips for long-lasting blooms, you can maximize their lifespan.

Can I customize my peony bouquet?

Absolutely! Our partner florists offers customization options so you can create a unique arrangement tailored to your preferences or the recipient’s taste.

Are peonies available year-round?

While peonies have a peak season during spring and early summer, we strive to provide availability throughout the year by sourcing from trusted growers worldwide.

Do I need to trim my peonies before placing them in water?

Yes, it’s recommended to trim about an inch off the bottom of each stem at an angle before placing them in water. This helps improve water absorption and extends the life of your peonies.

Can I send a peony bouquet as a gift?

Absolutely! We offer convenient delivery options, allowing you to surprise your loved ones with a stunning peony bouquet delivered right to their doorstep.

Do peonies have any symbolic meanings?

Yes, peonies are often associated with romance, prosperity, and good fortune. They make an excellent choice for expressing love and well wishes on various occasions.

Are there any specific care instructions for potted peony plants?

Potted peony plants require similar care as cut flowers. However, they also need proper watering, sunlight exposure, and occasional fertilization to thrive in a pot or garden setting.

Can I order multiple bouquets for an event or wedding?

Certainly! Yes, we offer bulk ordering options so you can fulfill your floral needs for events or weddings with ease.


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