Flowers for Anniversary: The Ultimate Guide

Are you celebrating an anniversary in the next couple of weeks? Looking to send a special gift to honor your time with your loved one?

Hold on tight because we’re about to dive into the enchanting world of flowers for anniversaries.

From traditional blooms to stunning bouquets, these captivating gifts have been a symbol of love and celebration for centuries in a happy marriage or a one year relationship. Take a look at how these beautiful flowers can enhance your special day.


But why are flowers so integral to anniversaries, especially the 50th wedding anniversary? What is it about these delicate blossoms that can ignite sparks and make hearts skip a beat, even after a year wedding anniversary or a year relationship?

Gifting flowers is more than just a gesture—it’s a language of its own. Each flower carries its own significance and symbolism, allowing you to express emotions without uttering a single word.

In this article, we’ll share our ultimate guide to choosing the best anniversary flowers by year and their meanings.

Best Floral Gifts for Different Anniversary Years

Flowers have always played a significant role in commemorating each milestone. From the first year to the golden jubilee, each anniversary year has its traditional flower choices that symbolize the love and growth of a couple’s relationship.

1st Anniversary: Carnations

    • The first year of marriage, also known as the wedding anniversary, is often associated with new beginnings and pure love. Carnations, the official anniversary flower gift, with their delicate petals and vibrant colors, perfectly represent this joyful phase.
    • Consider gifting a bouquet of mixed-color carnations, the official anniversary flower, or a single-stemmed arrangement in your partner’s favorite color. It’s an ideal way to express your excitement and commitment as you embark on this journey together.


3rd Anniversary: Sunflowers

    • As you celebrate your third wedding anniversary, embrace the vibrant energy and warmth of sunflowers. These cheerful blooms represent adoration and loyalty, making them the perfect choice for this special occasion.
    • Surprise your partner by arranging a sunflower-themed date, complete with a picnic surrounded by fields of sunflowers or a visit to a local sunflower farm. Capture this special moment with photos that will forever remind you both of this joyful anniversary.


5th Anniversary: Daisies

      • As you reach the five-year mark, daisies become the traditional choice for anniversary celebrations. These cheerful flowers symbolize loyalty, purity, and innocence.
      • Surprise your partner with a playful arrangement of white daisies and colorful blooms as an anniversary flower gift. This bouquet reflects the joyous moments you’ve shared over the years, making it the perfect wedding anniversary flower.


7th Anniversary: Orchids

    • Orchids, the perfect anniversary flower, symbolize luxury, beauty, and strength—a fitting choice for celebrating seven years of wedding anniversary.
    • Treat your spouse to an exquisite anniversary flower, like an orchid plant, or surprise them with an elegant orchid arrangement in their favorite color for your wedding anniversary. The longevity and delicate allure of orchids mirror the resilience and grace that have blossomed within your relationship.


10th Anniversary: Daffodils

    • A decade of love calls for something truly special, and daffodils are just that! These bright yellow flowers symbolize new beginnings and eternal happiness, making them the perfect choice for a wedding anniversary celebration.
    • Presenting a bouquet of daffodils as a wedding anniversary flower to your spouse not only showcases your enduring love but also signifies the exciting adventures that lie ahead as you continue to build memories together.


13th Anniversary: Lilies

    • With their majestic appearance and sweet fragrance, lilies symbolize purity, commitment, and the blossoming of your love over the years.


25th Year Anniversary: Iris

    • Reaching a twenty-five year wedding anniversary is an incredible milestone worth celebrating in style. The iris flower represents wisdom, hope, and cherished memories for this special occasion.
    • Delight your partner on your wedding anniversary with an elegant bouquet featuring irises, the perfect anniversary flower. The various shades of blue or purple will convey the depth of your love and the beautiful journey you’ve shared.


30th Year Anniversary: Clematis and Lilacs

    • Clematis flowers are a perfect choice to celebrate thirty years of love and commitment. These exquisite blooms symbolize beauty, charm, and the enduring nature of a long-lasting relationship. As you embark on this milestone anniversary, incorporating clematis into your celebrations will add a touch of elegance and meaning.
    • Lilacs, with their intoxicating fragrance and delicate petals, hold a special place in the hearts of many. These flowers symbolize youthful innocence, first love, and cherished memories—making them an ideal choice to commemorate thirty years of togetherness.


35th Year Anniversary: Gladiolus

    • Gladiolus are known for their tall stems adorned with multiple blossoms, gladiolus symbolize strength and integrity. These majestic flowers can be an excellent choice to represent the resilience and commitment that have carried you through thirty-five years of marriage.


  • 50th Year Anniversary: Yellow Roses

    • The golden jubilee wedding anniversary calls for a truly remarkable celebration, and what better way to honor fifty years of love than with yellow roses? These timeless flowers symbolize joy, friendship, and everlasting love.
    • Surprise your spouse on your wedding anniversary with an extravagant bouquet of yellow roses, the perfect flower to celebrate this milestone. Create a stunning centerpiece using these radiant blooms, letting their fragrance and beauty remind you both of the incredible bond you’ve nurtured throughout half a century.


Creative Ways to Incorporate Flowers into Your Celebrations

In addition to choosing the perfect flowers, there are numerous creative ways you can incorporate golden roses or other flowers into your fiftieth anniversary celebrations. Let’s explore some ideas that will make this occasion truly memorable:

  1. Golden Rose Bouquet: Surprise your partner with a stunning bouquet of golden roses. It serves as a heartfelt gift that symbolizes the love and commitment you both share.
  2. Floral Centerpieces: Decorate your dining table with elaborate floral centerpieces featuring golden roses or any other meaningful flowers of your choice. This adds an elegant touch to your anniversary dinner.
  3. Flower Wall: Create a beautiful flower wall backdrop for capturing cherished memories during the celebration. Use a combination of golden roses and other vibrant flowers to make it visually appealing.
  4. Golden Rose Petals: Sprinkle golden rose petals along the path leading to the venue entrance or scatter them on tables for an enchanting ambiance.
  5. Floral Accessories: Adorn yourself and your partner with floral accessories such as boutonnieres, corsages, or hairpieces made from golden roses or other chosen blooms.

By incorporating flowers in these creative ways, you infuse beauty, meaning, and sentimentality into every aspect of your 50th anniversary celebrations.



What if I don’t know my partner’s favorite flowers?

If you’re unsure about your partner’s favorite flowers, consider their personality traits or past conversations about floral preferences.

Can I personalize the anniversary flower arrangement?

Absolutely! Many florists offer customization options to tailor the arrangement according to your preferences. You can add personal touches like including their favorite flowers or incorporating special elements that hold sentimental value to both of you.

Are there any flower choices considered unlucky for anniversaries?

There are no universally considered unlucky flowers for anniversaries. However, it’s always a good idea to avoid flowers that hold negative connotations or unpleasant memories for you and your partner.

How long do anniversary flowers typically last?

The lifespan of anniversary flowers depends on various factors such as the type of flower, care instructions followed, and environmental conditions. On average, cut flowers can last anywhere from a few days to two weeks with proper care.

Can I send anniversary flowers if we are apart?

Yes! You can order on our homepage here at Simply The Best Flowers. We partner with local florists for quick delivery and the freshest flowers.

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